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For Jedi setup

If You Don’t Already Have Jedi Maker Installed on Box You Can Install Them By

Pressing Menu

– Plugins

– Green Button (Download Plugins)

– Extensions

– Select The Plugin and Select Yes to Download.

Once Installed Plugins Press Menu – Standby/Restart – Restart.

Menu – Jedi Maker Xtream

– Playlists

– Press Green Button to Add Playlist

– Enter Url, Port, Username & Password

– Press Green to Save

Press Exit Once

– Go Back onto Playlist

– Press OK on Created Playlist

– Put Use Name as Bouquet Prefix to NO

– Press Green Button

– Press Yellow Button to Tick All Categories If Not Already Ticked

– Press Green to Create

– Once It Show X Amount of Bouquets Created Then Exit Off It All and Press FAV Button on Bottom of Remote and You Should See Bouquets.